When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop in 2022

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Finding a new and suitable laptop is costly sometimes but buying it at the right time can save you price and hassles.

Either way, it’s your time to replace your laptop with better horsepower; even then, a little wait can surprise you with significant savings. Running for the first sale is not always perfect and favorable, that’s why lots of people say When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop. If you keep an eye on the websites and social apps, you may crack the best deal for your new laptop at a much lower price.

Let’s move ahead to look for the most selling and shipment months of the year.

When’s the best time to buy a laptop?

Buying a laptop is essential, but getting the know-how of “when is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop” is necessary. Throughout the year, numerous key periods give you the best opportunity of finding a great deal at a lower or affordable price.

Let’s go through the best time to purchase a laptop!

Late summer:

Waiting for the best time to buy a laptop is really very meaningful, and one of those is a back-to-school period. Back to school is an excellent time because, at this time, almost all brands and all stores offer discounts on laptops to get the students ready for a new schooling period.

September to November

September to November – fall season is perfectly fit to buy a laptop. Here are a lot of opportunities and events that offer a discount on their laptops. This fall duration is all packed with numerous deals, especially when it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is relatively new in the market, but it doesn’t take much time to become a popular day for buying laptops. It is also a charming period to get the deal according to your requirements and needs.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge savings days, but Black Fridays are usually more suitable for purchasing TVs at departmental stores. If you are looking for a new laptop or want to upgrade your laptop, wait for more days, regardless of Black Friday.

Holiday season

After fall seasons/ black Friday, more opportunities come in your way. Christmas Holidays and New Year Holidays are the best days for buying your laptop. Many people wait for these days to get a mega discount on their favorite gadgets. People buy laptops of the most significant savings for friends and family because retailers offer more significant response discounts.

It’s the holiday season- the most awaited days of the year; therefore, almost everyone rushes to buy laptops. But you must check the laptop’s specifications before buying them.

New model releases

Everything should be purchased at the right time at the right price. Many people collect money for laptops and buy them on an ordinary day without waiting for any deal.

Many companies discount old models when they launch their new products, mostly happening between February and April. Let’s say you can buy the best core i3 laptop at a low price when makers launch core i5 or i7. It is really a busiest season of year for buying laptops. Not only rush after the discount but also look at the laptop specifications, whether they meet your requirement or not.

Note: All brands don’t announce discounts in the springs like the Apple offers its huge announcements usually every year in September. On the other hand, Microsoft’s best deals usually appeal to its customers in October as they have their own major event this month.

If you don’t know when your favorite brand offers a discount, visit their website and hold on if the deal is a few weeks far – Enjoy the best at the Lowest.

What month is best to buy a laptop?

December is the best month. This not only has to do with the the business of Christmas and the special offers that arise. Actually, each month, like the years, is better than the previous one. The producer price index shows a drop in prices from nearly 18.4 points in January 2019 to below 16.4 in December 2019 and 16.3 in January 2020 to 15.1 points in November 2020. If we monitor this from 2000, this evolution has been repeated every year. Almost the same picture would evolve if the data were shifted by 6 months, as prices fell over the years.

Possibilities for saving: 7-10 percent


When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

What day of the week is best to buy a laptop?

Defining the perfect day of the week for buying a laptop is not that straightforward. The daily offers (lightning deals, cyber deals, etc.) have such a high effect on price development, despite regular fluctuations during the week, that it is massively affected. For example, even if a laptop on Monday is on average 5 percent cheaper than on Thursday, a 20 percent special offer can quickly cancel out this apparent price advantage. So you shouldn’t rely on static information for days of the week if you need a new laptop within a few days but instead look at recent offers.

Potential for savings: 20-30 percent

What is the best time of the day to buy a laptop?

The best time of day to buy a laptop is dependent on the supplier or retailer’s short-term price sequence tactic. Most laptops during the day are not price-adjusted, but some do. 10-20 dollar savings are common. It is possible to use the corresponding price growth over the last 24 hours as an aid to this. Normal price patterns can be seen for some items. The price, for example, decreases over the hour and rises again 30 minutes later. For multiple cycles and hours, this can drag on. For other laptops, a slow decline in prices can be observed. Others still have price outliers where the price is reduced significantly for only a few minutes, only to be adjusted briefly again.

To know When’s the best time to buy a laptop? Read the entire article until the finish.

These times, we enjoy the frenzy of offers on all sorts of products that are put on sale at discounted prices and usually have a direct effect on our pockets: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great excuses for those who want to purchase and update technology… And products that are non-technological.

Therefore, are these days the best when it comes to buying that thing that you have wanted for so long? The truth is that everything depends on the type of commodity because, in pricing policies, renewal cycles are linked to certain rules. Watch out if you want to know when the ideal time to purchase different technology products is.

Is it a good time to buy PC components? Here is the current situation.

There is no optimal time, in my honest belief, to buy a new laptop. Price changes, component unavailability, rumors about new releases, all of these things are happening speedily. A market that is changing so quickly is harder to keep track of.

In this section, you will locate a pattern for every single part of the present situation.

I’ll tell you the price fluctuations In the last period, and if new hardware components are coming. Finally, I describe my personal view, indicating if I would acquire the component right now or not.

when is the best time to buy a Laptop or Computer? 

The renewal of PCs, laptops, and convertibles is the same as the renewal of smartphones: it is constant, although the calendar has certain particularly important gaps. Many makers use both CES (January) and IFA (September) as well.

This shows once again that if you want to get models of the previous generation, the months immediately after are interesting for the purchase because if you want the newest of the latest, the usual thing happens: you will have to pay the price for having it.

Here is another interesting phase: in the months of July, August, and September, the “back to school” makes many manufacturers reduce their equipment to take advantage of this purchase factor. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also fun scenes because even on models that have just appeared on the market, there are shocking discounts. You can enjoy the benefits of these periods and buy a good deal on best-rated mini-laptops and PCs.

PC components: a whole science

We will use PCPartPicker graphics for the parts prices. A thicker black line always appears on them, showing how the average price of this type of product evolves, while there are large differences between the minimum and maximum price brackets if there are light and dark gray bands.

This graph demonstrates how, for example, Mid October and late August were good times to purchase SSD drives in 2019 and 2020.

when is the best time to buy a laptop

Another amazing statistic is the more products in that price range of the Y-axis are in those blue areas that are more intense. You will have a good idea of what a good time to buy if you see intense blue in the lower area of the table and that the “fattest” black line is also descending.

These gray “steps” may appear in the high and low areas that show price fluctuations corresponding to promotions – with clear indications of particularly strong promotions -, and, in some cases, unequal peaks due to store errors.

SSD drives

When it comes to replacing our equipment, these kinds of storage solutions have become absolute protagonists, but their prices and benefits do not stop improving. We’ve already talked about the keys you need to take into consideration for your purchase and we’ve talked about some suggested models, but the renovation is fierce and that can make you doubt what the best time to buy is.

There was a sudden drop in prices in mid of March in 2020 for 256 GB and 512 GB drives, should do something with covid 19, as can be seen from the graphs, but prices rose again in April and June for 256 GB and 512 GB. 

As for the best time to purchase an SSD drive, this is one of those instances in which these special Black Friday and Cyber Monday days can indeed be very interesting, and the same occurs with the last two weeks of the year, in which prices also suffer significant drops. The conduct of traditional hard drives is similar (the higher the capacity, the more sustained the price drop over the months), so watch out for those periods.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop


We will take the Intel Core  i5 (Coffee Lake Refresh (LGA1151)) and / i7 / i9 of the Skylake family with Socket LGA2066 as a reference in this case, but you have many more analysis options in PCPartPicker that complete Intel’s range with its Haswells and also the Richland and Vishera families ‘AMD. The outcome is the following for those analyzed:

Although there are increasing peaks (look at the gray rungs of the Core i5 from mid of October 2019 to February 2020, for example) that show price increases, probably due to lack of inventory, the cost of processors stays fairly stable. We also see a decrease in prices from Feb to May and from Oct to Dec in the year 2020.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

There is not really a particular “best time” to buy processors, but since demand tends to rise at Christmas, makers could use this to increase prices a little. We would say this is the “less good” moment to buy them, but there may be an interesting discount if you are behind a particular model.


Again, we find a nice array of options, but we will pay attention to what happens with DDR4-2133 288-pin DIMM 2x4GB packs, whose behavior in price evolution is similar to many other cases analyzed by PCPartPicker, to place ourselves in a “medium” case.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

You can see in graphs how there is a tiny “catenary” in the evolution of the average price from August to September of this year 2020 in these findings, but it is much more exciting to see how there was a gray step at the start of November 2020 that shows a big increase in generalized rates, and at the end weeks of 2020 prices seems to decrease.

What does it demonstrate? You must be very attentive to the offers promised both on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with regard to memories, but even the Christmas season is also very interesting to get a deal in this respect.


Here we look at the 23-26-inch models with IPS as well as non-IPS panels. You can easily see in the graph how the gray area at the top covers the entire graph: because there are many designs with all kinds of features, the range of prices in total.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop

Aspects such as resolution or refresh rate are not even assessed, which demonstrates that the best time to purchase is very difficult to choose in this specific segment.

However, on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday days, some interesting deals can be produced, but the problem here is that customers typically have a very specific eyebrow model.

If so, there is no obvious sign of a better time, but it is true that, as time passes, there is at least a very slight drop in average prices for those between 23 and 26 inches. It’s so small that we’ve only one bit of advice for you: don’t wait too long for the monitor you want to buy: it will likely take a long time to greatly reduce the price.

An additional note: they revealed in PC World that January and February are good options for buying a monitor since many companies are updating ranges (CES is a strong claim) and that, although very valid, the range of the previous year drops below prices to clear inventory. Watch out, therefore, for those first weeks of the year.

Graphics cards

This is a golden age for dedicated graphics cards that, with their revamped designs, offer more and higher quality than ever after the renovation of NVIDIA and AMD. The graphics cards of the RTX 2xxx series from NVIDIA are especially suggestive, but they have just been presented and it seems more exciting to take a look at the price evolution of the RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080, although the offer is massive again in this sense.

Surprisingly, according to those graphs, the RTX 2060 and the RTX 2070 have gone up in price instead of down and steady for a long time, but what really matters to us is to see how those gray steps came down in Oct for 2060 and in Nov for 2070.

That shows something apparently, together with the intensity of the blue dots and those small downward peaks in the black line: as with memories, these graphics are good times to opt for late November (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and late December. If you’re searching for graphics card, it’s a best option these days.

Final Words: Laptops do get cheaper in certain months of the year so waiting for the correct time is important, hope your query When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop is answered here.