What Kind of Laptop Do I Need in 2022

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A laptop has become a basic need for even a school kid. No matter what race, age, or profession you belong to, the laptop is a necessary appliance to get everyday chores done.

Are you wondering what kind of laptop you need for yourself or your kid? What certain specifications should you look for? Or what are the right features to invest in and from where to cut the price?

If all these questions confuse you before choosing the right laptop for you or any of your loved ones, this article is for you. This will allow you to compare essentially what you really want.

Know your Needs and what laptop is best for me:

The market is flooded with countless laptop options from numerous manufacturers, and finding the one without wasting time, effort, and money is quite challenging. Perhaps the first step you need to take is to assess your wants.

If you’re purchasing a laptop for your school kid or basic browsing, you can go for cheaper options with at least Core i3 or Core i5, 8-16GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Wireless Network Connectivity, and 2-3 years warranty.

On the other hand, if you are buying a laptop for Office use or professional work, you must carefully look for the specifications. Usually, an i5 is a must, along with 1080p resolution, 8GB or above RAM, and 256GB or above SSD, to handle pressure working smoothly.

Same way, while choosing a laptop for gaming or other specific software like Ableton, music, video editing, graphics, animation, etc., at least an i7 with the latest specifications is recommended. RAM, SSD, and GPU should be compatible with your specific software type.

Search for the Specifications:

IF you’re searching for a laptop for basic needs, an improper specification search wouldn’t matter much, but if you’re going to use the laptop for your specific needs like mentioned above, you need to learn about specifications in-depth.

Usually, software manufacturers explain the PC or laptop’s minimum required specifications to run that specific software. Even if your software doesn’t explain, you can search for the details online by making some time to research.

For example, Nintendo Game Streaming requires at least an i7 with Nvidia Geforce or the latest AMD Ryzen’s Cards along with a compatible Capture Card to run smoothly.

Know your Budget:

Doesn’t matter what your needs are and what kind of laptop you want, you’ll always come across a huge range of options to select from. You’ll see different laptops from cheap to exclusive prices with minor or major specs changes.

Price is absolutely your personal choice, just make a proper search, know what you need, and invest in a feature that pays off the price as spending extra bucks for a feature you don’t need isn’t any smartness.

Keep the Portability in mind:

Portability majorly depends upon a person’s way of using the laptop. Mostly, the laptops intended to be used inside an office or home workspace don’t demand good portability. Contrarily, a laptop for a college or high school student demands compatible portability.

While choosing a laptop for any of your needs, keep its portability in mind and select a size accordingly as taking a master size fragile laptop with you every day might be risky.

What is the best laptop for me to see the following guide to know what laptop suits you?

Best gaming laptop brands: MSI and ASUS

We present the two best brands of gaming laptops if you are looking for a gaming laptop to play any game at the highest resolution and speed.

MSI, on the one hand, takes pride in powerful computers in their wide range, ideal for handling any type of video game without any difficulties.

The strong processor they have, excellent graphic characteristics, a very big RAM memory, and a top-quality resolution are some of the features that make it so good for video games.

On the other hand, both for video games and for work or daily use, ASUS has a broad array of laptops.

In this case, we focus on those specializing in video games that provide key features such as:

IPS-panel high-quality Full HD display, powerful graphics card, 1 TB hard drive, and sophisticated processor to keep your games flowing efficiently.

Best laptop brand to work with: DELL

Dell is the best laptop brand to work with if you need a work laptop.

Their laptops have such a processor that varies from very simple and basic to very sophisticated and complex. You can get something that suit your needs best.

Likewise, Dell has laptops with 320 to 1500 GB of pure digital storage with respect to internal storage, ideal for storing all types of files.

With respect to the displays, we can see that they range from 10 inches to 17 inches.

The weight is also low, so it’s optimal to be able to transport it easily in your travel bag.

We can find a gaming laptop 400 dollars worth, but there are models with superior benefits that exceed 1000 dollars.

It all relies upon what you need, but without an issue, Dell is the perfect brand.

Best laptop brand for graphic designers: APPLE

If you’re a graphic designer… Your brand is Apple!! Apple laptops, designed to handle state-of-the-art software and design, have always been very powerful. This is why they are the best brand to execute this kind of assignment.

On the other hand, the battery has great autonomy, enabling you to enjoy prolonged use for up to 12 hours.

The processors, fantastic for working at full capacity, are very powerful.

In addition, it works with a different configuration from all other brands, such as Mac OS, a very good configuration that makes it hard for viruses to access your computer.

These kinds of laptops are between USD 1000 and 2200 as far as the cost is taken into consideration.

Based on processor power and digital storage power, the price range may differ.

Best Student Laptop Brand: ACER

We undoubtedly recommend the Acer brand if you are a student and you are looking for a laptop.

It has several laptops that are ideal for students, both for their features and for their flexible prices focused on a lower purchasing power audience.

The primary features that make this brand a leader for students are:

Large storage and memory capacity, optimal without worrying about space, for storing tasks, notes, and videos.

Multiple output availability for USB ports of all kinds. They are the best lightweight laptops, increasing their portability in this way.

This is a relatively affordable price for any portfolio, as we can buy the best laptop for under 400 dollars from this brand.

Best value for money laptop brand: LENOVO

If you are looking for the best value-for-money laptop brand, Lenovo will provide what you are searching for, the Lenovo Idea pad 720S in this case, it would be the best buying option, and we will explain why right now.

On the one hand, it has a Full HD display, but the built-in graphics card is strong to fully enjoy all the multimedia content, but it is not advised for demanding games.

It includes a 256 GB hard drive and 8 GB RAM, on the other hand, to forget about running out of space.

Finally, since it incorporates a new generation i5 processor, do not worry about speed. We can find the best of all now, for less than 800 dollars.

Best lightweight laptops: What Kind of Laptop Do I Need

The weight of a laptop is among the vital elements of a laptop. It is not easy, however, to find a product that is both light and efficient. Often, especially if we talk about medium-low range machines, even at the expense of lightness and portability, we tend to favor hardware features.

We wanted to gather a selection of the best lightweight laptops on the market at the moment in this guide, with an eye to every type of user who might be interested in these products. You will certainly find what is right for you, whether you are a student, a worker, or a simple fan of the sector.

In fact, a lightweight laptop is used for numerous tasks; for this reason, a wide and careful selection of compact but equally different products are discussed below. There will be room, for example, to combine the benefits of portability with those of using a touch screen display for very light, inexpensive laptops, including convertibles.

In selecting the best lightweight laptops, we took some basic things into account. In detail, let’s see them below.


Obviously, weight is the critical attribute: if you are looking for a light laptop, it is certainly the first factor to take into account. As is normal, however, “light” is a term that refers to a fairly personal conception of a weight that is contained and suitable for easy transport for each individual.

We would want, however, to select a maximum threshold for the weight of our machine from this point of view, selecting only the best light laptops with an effective weight of less than or equal to 1.5 kilograms. From our point of view, this is the maximum weight that can be described by a light laptop, with the understanding that the weight can instead approach a simple kilogram for the more advanced models and perhaps designed with a more compact display.


If, on the one hand, it is true that we have touched all price ranges in order not to exclude any kind of need, on the other hand, it must be said that hardware is another strict criterion where we have acted to exclude low-performing or short-lived models.

In fact, all of the best lightweight laptops must be fitted with a mix of processors, RAM, and storage that is necessarily suitable for running Windows without fundamental limitations. All have a current processor, Intel or AMD, belonging to any line of their range; as we said, with modern processors, there are definitely cheaper models but with a lower price. On the other hand, in no case do light laptops go below 8 GB of RAM and an exclusively SSD main storage, minimum requirements in both cases as far as we are concerned to have a fast and versatile machine to date.


When it relates to laptops in general, the last point to consider, to date, is surely autonomy. Battery life tends to be less in lightweight laptops since the small space usually comes at the cost of the integrated module’s size. It must be said, however, that there is also a lot of consumption optimization, especially in the case of the latest processors, but it mixes up the entire way you use your laptop.

Since it can be used both lightly and for higher productivity, battery capacity needs to be talked about. In this case, however, we wanted to consider the ability to reach the second afternoon in terms of duration as a selection criterion, if the energy-saving and the processor were correctly used wisely. All laptops that do not reflect this feature have been removed from the guide, as lightness goes very closely with portability, and thus also stays away from the power outlet.

Final Words:

Purchasing a laptop can be a tricky task or the simplest task, and it all depends upon you. If you search properly, you can purchase the best laptop without wasting any time, effort, and money. We are pretty sure that your query What Kind of Laptop Do I Need is been fairly addressed here.