what is the best laptop under 400 in 2022

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If you are breaking the web hunting for “what is the best laptop on the market under $400” then you should stop for a bit and go through our amazing review of the best gaming laptops under 400. This article will provide you the necessary details about what is the best laptop under $400 and therefore you can make a wise decision when heading for your final purchase of the device.

Most of the laptops under 400 are not equipped with the high-tech specifications to give the best in class experience but still, they are good enough to make a solid round in your home or office and can also be regarded as gaming devices.

Thus you can kill the two birds with one stone by purchasing a$400 gaming laptop and these devices would be best suited to perform all the common computation tasks that are required from a laptop or Chromebook.

Top laptops under 400 / what laptop should I buy under 400?

Finding the right set of features and technical specifications in the potential purchase of your desired laptop is a very tiresome task and if you are in pursuit of a device that is fully capable of meeting your needs without demanding you to break your bank then you must look for the laptop coming under $400.

This price tier is the most preferred range in the market and this is because this group represents the best combo of price and performance and you will be more at ease to find the desired product.

I5 laptop under 400

Most of the laptops coming in this price range are coming with the IntelCore i5 and thus these laptops would be the best in this range making a worthwhile addition to your working space.

But if you plan on buying an upgraded model like the one coming with IntelCore i7 then you must be willing enough to splash some extra bucks beyond the range of $400.

What is the best Samsung laptop for under 400

For most people, a laptop will be ideal, so you can sit with it on the couch or take it on a trip. This can also be more easily upgraded. The laptop mostly comes with an all-in-one variant and thus takes up less space.

Samsung produces one of the finest quality laptops. There are few models available in Samsung that can be bought for under 400$.

What do I have to consider with a cheap laptop?

You often have to compromise with the relatively inexpensive models for one or two things. For instance, many devices in this price category are produced with only 4 GB of RAM. In addition, the data storage of the built-in SSD is often restricted to 256 GB.

The built-in display may not have the same performance as expensive machinery. And of course, makers do not equip their cheap laptops with the latest high-end processors.

What are good and cheap laptops?

Laptops that are nice and affordable have a simple process that delivers simple and basic graphics performance. There is also a small to medium-sized SSD that speeds up the operating system substantially. Having a decent full HD display and a good battery life is also crucial. Manufacturers usually save on construction quality and equipment in this price category.

What is the best laptop for under $400 and What features should you look for in a $400 laptop?

Searching for a laptop less than $400 with the best possible hardware and catchy design that can offer us a pleasant experience.

The concept in this situation is to run popular general user programs, such as Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, VLC player, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Skype, etc

As we pick any other laptop, we will pay very close attention to the hardware, taking into consideration that the proposed budget is limited, RAM type, CPU, and storage space. Choosing to leave factors like structure, screen, measurements, and weight in the background. That being said, there are indeed lots of tidy and fascinating choices in this price bracket.

Why buy a cheap 2020 laptop?

These laptops are perfect for basic use and a little more, because, even though they are inexpensive, they have very powerful processors that allow you to work conveniently, which is suitable for you if you have a limited budget.

If you have decided to purchase one of the best 400 dollar laptops, you must understand exactly that they are not intended for 3D gaming or running heavy apps/soft wares or anything else which requires a high-performance laptop.

You can now do everyday things with the best $400 laptops, like editing text documents or editing videos, browsing the internet, listening to music, watching a movie, etc.

Design and construction:

There is a wide range of laptops for around 400 dollars. Although most of them have a rather bulky plastic layout, others have a high-quality, surprisingly robust design.

Here, we have only chosen laptops that are of high enough quality for standard use. The explanation is that some of the goods on the market are too delicate and do not have a performance that can be taken into account.


You can find everything from mini laptops to 15-inch models when searching for the best laptops for around $ 400.

Although most will have a slightly bright screen and will not be high-definition, there are some models that have a color fidelity HD screen typical of more pricey designs.


Don’t assume spectacular results. While there are some poor-performing models, but there are few with quite high-quality performance and customers are really pleased with them, the ones we have chosen for here will give you enough power to perform office tasks, browse the web, and watch movies and do regular tasks without any issue at all in high speed.

Other considerations to take into account before buying the best laptop for 400

What other variables should you take into account if you’re looking for the best $400 laptop? 

First, do you necessarily need Windows? While there are good models with Windows 10, you might want to consider a Chrome book in case you just need it for browsing the internet and watching movies. Often, these laptops are the wisest option.

On the other hand, if you travel a lot, a 400 $ notebook with a good battery life will be helpful; battery life differs greatly between different models, so it is essential to analyze this data carefully.

Laptops do not provide quality audio output in this price bracket, but this does not mean that you need to wear headphones to listen to music or watch a movie.

The models we picked have speakers that are good enough to make a video call with a friend easily or watch a film from the convenience of your bed.

Final Thoughts

The laptops coming under 400 USD are technically not advanced enough to be counted among the best gaming computers but still, you can have some decent photography devices than one coming from Phillips, BenQ, or Acer manufacturing firms.

But if you plan on upgrading your techs in the respective domains there are plenty of high-end options that complicate your task of finding the ideal product.

Putting it in a nutshell, laptops under $400 are to be viewed as affordable yet capable computing devices that could prove to be the valuable comrades of filmography, corporate users looking for some exceptional multi-tasking.

But if these units are intended for some serious gaming purpose or the professional graphic arts work then they would prove to be a misfit and you shouldn’t be naive enough to waste your bucks and efforts.

You wouldn’t need an expensive product if you only want to use your laptop for office work and surfing the Internet. You can now find what you are looking for in the price category, which is under $400. But you’ve got to accept one restriction or another. For instance, because of the built-in processors, the devices often only have limited storage space and cannot deliver gaming-grade performance. Hope your query what is the best laptop under 400 is addressed here appropriately.

If you can live with these barriers, then you get quality products at affordable prices from some of the devices.