What is the best laptop for Minecraft in 2022

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Are you a gaming freak looking for ways to make a lasting impression in the virtual world or a geek so much into the gaming realm that it is hard to go around anything else than the gaming accessories?

If that is the case then you must be a fan of Minecraft since it is the most popular video game designed as a cross-platform sandbox game. Minecraft is an immensely popular video game where users have to create a multidimensional virtual world by making use of his or her brain.

So, if you are a fan-boy of Minecraft then you must be in pursuit of a compatible laptop for your gaming journey. Thus, you should be looking for a satisfying answer to “what is the best laptop for running games like Minecraft under 400”.

If you’re wondering what is the best laptop to play Minecraft? Or what laptops are good for Minecraft then you must go through our review of what is the best laptop for playing Minecraft.

Mid-Tier Laptops

Being a sandbox game, Minecraft is compatible with nearly all the mid-tier gaming monitors and laptops and this is because these devices are customized for an optimal gaming experience that perfectly suits Minecraft.

These mid-tier laptops constitute the base of the best laptop for Minecraft under 400 but since the gaming experience is most difficult to achieve in a cheap device, these 400 gaming laptops are no exception and require you to put in a lot of struggle.

Good gaming laptops under 400

Although the mid-tier devices are cheap gaming laptops under 400 they give sufficient enough compatibility to make good use of them. But if you have enough fortune spared with you to go for a good gaming laptop then you must not miss the opportunity and definitely, give the reliable devices a try.

Without any need to introduce you to Minecraft, among the most frequently played video games of all time. Minecraft is a “Sandbox” type game in which totally anything can be performed. The game environment is made up entirely of cubes of various types.

As well as multiplayer, Minecraft is played solo. Solo, without any items, you land in the world. Then your goal is to build a base and discover the folds of possible equipment while taking care of the enemies and monsters who live with you. Minecraft’s multiplayer can’t be described exactly because it literally allows you to do everything. Some servers, for instance, allow you to do “Battle Royale” against other players.

You will find out what Laptop/PC requirements are required to run Minecraft in this article. It is necessary to compare this minimum and recommended machine configurations with your computer’s components.

You should consider replacing the less powerful components in your configuration if your computer doesn’t perform as well as the minimum configuration. However, if your PC only meets the minimum requirements for Minecraft, we also recommend that you do this, as the playback conditions may not be up to standard.

Minimum configuration

PROCESSOR:Intel Core i3-3210 / AMD A8-7600

GRAPHICS CARD: AMD Radeon R5 / Nvidia Geforce 4xx


DISK SPACE:1GB of Storage

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7/8/10

Recommended configuration – what is the best laptop to play Minecraft on?

PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD A10-7800

GRAPHIC CARD:Nvidia GTX 7xx / AMD RX 2xx


DISK SPACE:1GB of Storage


Can I run Minecraft on a cheap gaming laptop under 400?

We highly suggest that you play Minecraft on a computer as powerful as the prescribed setup, for the best gaming experience possible. This suggested configuration allows for 1080p playback, with a framerate varying between 40 and 60 frames per second.

An Intel Core i3-3210 processor and an AMD Radeon R5 graphics card are included in the preferred configuration.

Minecraft should run normally with the minimum configuration, but don’t expect to go over 30-40 fps at 720p. This minimum configuration is still very cost-effective, as it consists only of an AMD A10-7800 processor and a GPU series AMD RX 2xx.

Since it’s around 1GB, the storage space required for Minecraft is negligible. We recommend, however, that you plan ahead so that some mods and texture packs can be installed. Finally, since the game has been around for a looooong period, you should be able to run it on all versions of Windows.

The best PC setup for Minecraft / what is the best laptop for Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that was made public some years ago. Therefore, the specifications above are also quite old. We have set up a computer configuration that runs Minecraft at 1080p at 60FPS to give you a better overall view of the PC configuration needed to run Minecraft, taking into account the most recent components released in 2019. The technical specifications are here. A PC that looks a lot like our cheap gaming laptop under 400:

  • AMD Ryzen 3200G APU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120GB SSD minimum

Minecraft is a game that does not consume a lot of resources, so for this game, the APU is a superior option. The APU is rather merely a processor that integrates a component of graphics and thus makes it possible not to buy a GPU. The productivity of APUs is often limited, but this form of processor is quite sufficient for Minecraft. With their Ryzen range, the best APUs on the market today are those from AMD. Therefore, this Ryzen 3200G empowers Minecraft to run at more than 100 frames per second, while still being extremely inexpensive in price terms.

In order to keep up with the approved configuration standards, we also made the decision to include 8 GB of RAM in the setup. Furthermore, we have included a 120GB SSD in the computer on a PC of this price range, a rare thing. In order to reduce the game launch time, we strongly recommend Minecraft on this SSD. However, a simple HDD hard drive will do just fine if your budget is small.

Specifications of Minecraft compatible laptops

The most critical and prestigious requirement for seasoned professionals or gaming geeks is fast and trustworthy RAM and this is one such necessity that can never be overlooked no matter for which purpose you are planning to buy your laptop or PC.

Although RAM is an important element for common users and all computer-related functions, the significance of RAM goes manifold when it comes to the gaming experience.

For a seasoned gamer, there is no better device than the one coming with fast RAM. The common variant of the RAM used in the majority of the devices is 4 GB but Minecraft gaming wouldn’t be good with this speed and efficiency, therefore, you must look for a device that allows you to have either 8GB or 16GB of RAM. 8 GB is the most preferred one for gaming experience since it represents the best combo of price and performance but if you can afford the 16 GB you ought to try that for sure. Hope your issue, What is the best laptop for Minecraft? is adequately resolved here.