Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review

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microsoft surface pro 7 review

The Surface Pro 7 is a solid edition of Microsoft’s iconic Windows 2-in-1 detachable laptop that also functions as a tablet, with a USB-C port and efficient “Ice Lake” CPUs.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a big touch screen and includes a surface pen. It is one of the most demanding laptops on the market due to its long battery life, compact size, and ergonomic design, as well as many other top-of-the-line attributes.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Laptop:

best laptop for teachersMicrosoft Surface Pro 7 is a 10th generation laptop and comes in two variants Intel Core i5/i7 with 8GB Ram, 128GB/256GB SSD for storage. Because it lacks a real keyboard, the laptop is more likely to resemble a keyboard. No physical keyboard means it has a detachable keyboard that comes in different colors.

Surface Pro 7 has a touch and type feature with pen support that allows the user to read/write and navigate between screens more easily. The laptop can also be used at any angle due to kickstand support or you can use it as a tablet.

Its 10.5 hours of battery life and quick charging (up to 80% in just one hour) are fantastic features that come in handy when traveling. Due to its ultra-slim design and small weight, it is extremely easy to carry and transfer.

This laptop is great for home and office users who want to work, sketch, or film any moment/notes thanks to its front and rear cameras. Because the laptop has a basic 2GB built-in Graphics Card, it cannot be used for gaming, but it may be used for moderate tasks such as drawing, writing notes, taking photos, or normal gaming.

Quick Specs:

  • 12.3” touchscreen
  • Touch and type
  • Pen input
  • Ultra-slim and Lightweight
  • Front/Rear Camera
   Touch and type
   Stylus support
   Built-in kickstand support
   Front and rear camera
   Fast charging
   Ultra-slim and lightweight design

Expert’s Ratings

microsoft surface pro 7 review


+ It is easy to carry and move because it is compact and light in weight.
+ Best suitable for students/travelers/office
+ S pen support system is good for designing or drawing
+ Tablet mode
+ Front and rear camera for catching amazing moments or taking notes
+ All-day battery backup up to 10.5 hours
+ Quick charging (0-80% in just one hour)
+ Great built quality
+ Detachable keyboard
+ Can be used as a tablet
+ Kickstand support for using it up to a 15-degree angle


Not suitable for gamers or programmers
No HDMI port
Type C is not Thunderbolt

 Some features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7: 

Tenth Generation Intel:

surface pro 7 reviewLet’s start with the processor, which is the one that actually makes a difference. Intel CPUs from the 10th generation has been added to the hardware platform. We’re looking at the more balanced intermediate model, which has an i5-1035-G4 quad-core processor.

The Surface Pro 7 has not evolved into a portable workstation, but it has always been a device built to fulfill the demands of working on the go. As a result, it continues to be a fanless machine, without an active cooling system with fans and radiators. Excess heat is left fully to a heat pipe system that distributes hot air throughout the product’s whole body.

Microsoft has not produced a device that can retain high performance for an extended period of time as a result of these actions. For example, if we achieve good results in the first benchmark cycles, we will witness a progressive decline in performance in the subsequent ones. This occurs as a result of the machine overheating, which causes the CPU frequencies to drop.

These are elements to be aware of, but they are also factors that I believe are of relative importance. As I indicated at the outset, the Surface Pro 7 is a laptop designed to be used on the go, so expecting a lot of power is unrealistic. It is not a machine capable of 4K video editing or producing really complicated 3D models.

Video Card:

Despite these limitations, the integrated video card has finally been updated this year. Then we upgrade from the old Intel UHD to the faster Iris Plus G4. This has the potential to make things possible that were previously impossible.

I next put the card to the test by editing a video with 1080p clips, and it performed admirably. In gaming, on the other hand, many games have become relatively easy to play.


The Pro 7 maintains a memory solution, with numerous chips soldered to the motherboard. As a result, we recommend that you consider carefully which components you require when ordering, as they cannot be modified. We have 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and 256 GB of inbuilt SSD storage in our version.

Although the latter is fast NVMEs, they are not at the top of the class, and there are systems that can do better in the same price range. There is still the option of “increasing” the memory by inserting a micro SD card into the rear slot under the kickstand.

Top-Notch Construction & Amazing Display:

surface pro 7 review

The Surface Pro 7 appears to be a hybrid between a tablet and a regular laptop. The chassis is built of aluminum and is identical to the prior variants. A huge 12.3-inch display with a 3: 2 aspect ratio sits on the front. This aspect ratio is more functional than the 16: 9 of more typical computers while working with documents since it provides more vertical space.

With a resolution of 2736×1824 pixels and a density of 267 PPI, the panel is a high-quality IPS LCD with 95 percent sRGB color gamut coverage. It’s worth noting that the display’s maximum brightness is roughly 480 nits, and it’s a touch screen with an N-Trig digitizer and pen compatibility. Even the accessories are the same and of high quality. Despite its thinness, the keyboard is quite robust, and its Alcantara surface provides a high-quality tactile sensation.

surface pro 7 review

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has finally listened to its customers and replaced the old display port with a Type-C port this year. Unfortunately, this is not a Thunderbolt 3 device, but rather a USB 3.1 device with charging capabilities.


This laptop was created to be used on the go, making it one of the most laptops available.

Weight of the i3, i5 = 1.70 lbs (775 g) and i7 = 1.74 lbs (790 g).

Battery Timing & Privacy:

Consumption has increased marginally as a result of a better functioning video card. However, this occurs only when we run programs that make use of the GPU; in all other cases, the battery life remains unchanged. With regular use of online browsing, email, and document management, and a 50% screen, you can get 10 hours of use out of your machine.

These are excellent results, especially when considering the Surface’s size and the fact that the integrated battery is only 45 Wh. The 65w charger with proprietary magnetic attachment recharges the gadget in roughly 2 hours.

surface pro 7 review

We may use the traditional Windows 10 protection mechanisms with a pin and password to unlock and access the Surface Pro 7, but face recognition is also supported. The infrared camera recognizes our face in a matter of seconds and never makes a mistake.

User Experience:

As previously said, the Surface Pro 7 is now a one-of-a-kind product with no true competitors. If you’re looking for a machine that can handle any type of work on the go, it’s the best Windows Tablet and the lightest and most portable 2-in-1.

During my month of use, I found it particularly useful on my daily train rides, during trips, and in any other situation when having a Windows product allowed me to work outside the workplace with the assurance of having no limitations. Despite the fact that Android Tablets and iPads have already reached an ideal compromise for individuals who want to work with a Tablet outside the office, the Surface Pro 7 manages to have that extra gear due to the product’s quality, windows, and lightweight.

The battery lasts almost a day in normal use, and the Type-C connector finally allows me to travel with only one charger for my laptop and smartphone (something not possible with the exclusive proprietary connector up to the previous generation).

True, it isn’t quite the perfect laptop, and while prices have dropped, the Surface Pro 7 must still be considered with the Pen and Keyboard, which aren’t inexpensive add-ons. When the back stand is opened with the keyboard, it necessitates a larger table than a traditional laptop. Small things, but if you travel frequently as I do, you may find this element to be crucial and not to be overlooked.

surface pro 7 review

Our Verdict:

The Surface Pro 7 is a laptop designed for professionals. In terms of productivity, this machine is one of the best on the market, thanks to the touch screen’s versatility and the use of the keyboard with magnetic attachment (sold separately), the excellent display, the lightweight, the complete connectivity, the precious materials used in the construction, and a battery that is suitable for a long working day.

The Microsoft Surface has no major flaws, with the exception of too much resemblance to prior generations and a price that is out of reach for most people. Finally, the Microsoft Surface is a fantastic laptop for working on the go, and the 7th generation is no exception.

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