How much does it cost to build a gaming laptop in 2023

Are you a gamer and amazed to see other gamer’s customized laptops? Do flashy custom PCs, cutting-edge cooling, and fancy RGB lighting are appealing to you? Are you interested in making your gaming laptop according to your requirement but wondering How much does it cost to build a gaming laptop? If yes, then build your gaming laptop right according to your choice.

As things are evolving day by day, slow laptops are getting outdated and don’t fulfill dedicated crazy gamers’ demands. Therefore, kick off the old laptop’s flaws and lagging; thereby, make the new one according to choice. Stop struggling more because, in this article, we will give you recommendations and suggestions about how much it costs to build a gaming laptop.

In this scenario, the most questionable thing is how much you have to spend on your most wanted gaming laptop, and it depends upon the following features:

  • The Processor
  • CPU Cooling Systems
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Motherboard
  • Storage (Hard Drives and SSDs)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Power Supply
  • Your laptop Case

If you want these components of your laptop of high quality, you have to spend more money on your gaming laptop. You can pay the price according to your budget.

No one can figure out the very accurate price of a gaming laptop because it all depends on your need. The more updated and brilliant features you demand the more money you are supposed to spend on.

The most expected price for building a gaming laptop is $150 and $2000 to make gaming laptops. For mid-range gaming laptops, the predicted cost is $500 to $1000. Furthermore, the price depends upon the features you want in your laptop.

These can cost from around $300 to $2000, and several individuals like mid-ranged and ready pay about $500-$700 happily. Computer gaming is there for you if you’re on a spending plan and saving money or ready to spend huge sums who want the finest.

A traditional gaming PC will cost you between $800 and $1,200, and if you want to run high-end games with a 60+ frame rate on max settings, you are supposed to spend $2,000. These are expected prices commonly adopted by gamers, but gaming laptops’ final rates depend upon your requirements and choice.

Have a look at the table as it will let you comprehensive the price where your desirable gaming laptop falls.

Range Average Cost
Low-End Gaming PC $150- $500
Mid-Range Gaming PC $500-$1200
High-End Gaming PC $1200

How to build a gaming laptop for under 500?

500$ is a good amount if you are looking for a gaming laptop, you can find loads of choices of gaming laptops to choose from.

$400 gaming laptop buying info.

The best cheap gaming laptops are accessible to the most hardcore video game lovers, opening up different gaming opportunities not only at the residence but basically everyplace.

The selection is not easy because it would be helpful first of all to recognize why a gamer should purchase a laptop for gaming rather than a desktop PC.

The simplest answer is that if desktop PCs do not fulfill the criteria, then to remain satisfied, it is good to look at the best gaming laptops.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Gaming Laptops or top laptop under 400.

It is better to make clear an idea that is crucial in the gaming sector to clear away any hesitations immediately: the more you spend, the more pleasure the gaming laptop will give and the better you play.

That being said, there’s a concept of their own on the best budget gaming laptops now let’s see why.

In terms of gameplay and detailed images, the graphics card is by far the most essential component.

The economic budget range of gaming laptops may include machines that are not exclusively constructed for gamers, but which can fairly satisfy some gaming sessions due to the presence of discrete component levels.

However, elements such as the processor and RAM memory, in addition to the graphics card, must be taken into account in selecting the best cheap gaming laptops.

Video Car:

For a gaming laptop, it symbolizes the heart, since the playability, the detail, the fluidity of the videogame’s multiple levels rely heavily on the graphics card and its memory.

In addition to the computer’s RAM, a video card installed on a gaming PC has its own dedicated memory. The fluidity of the images is thus more guaranteed, limiting the chance for jerky vision.

As there are video cards that offer the possibility of a GPU reserved for the gaming environment, the same goes for the processor.


The processor reflects a computer’s power. Imagine having a car engine and analyzing its power by means of displacement and horsepower expressions.

The processor deserves the same consideration as its GHz (GigaHertz) values, which give a clear indication of velocity.

The more the chip performs, the greater its speed.

In practice, this implies that the entire hardware compartment runs faster, programs are faster, images are smoother and better performance is developed by games.

RAM Memory:

The RAM memory is the one that enables the game to be loaded quickly and played well.

Having a high-performance processor and low RAM makes no sense.

We’d have what’s called a ‘bottleneck’ in this way.

There should be at least 8 Giga of RAM in a budget gaming laptop, but double that is ideal.

Is It True That The Best Budget Gaming Laptops Are Also The Heaviest?

The assertion is true in part. Lightness and gaming laptops usually do not get along very well, and gaming devices tend to have a higher weight as they contain more sophisticated and performing parts.

Get rid of ultrabooks’ lightness because they are made to work and are intended primarily for the business or consumer sector.

The gaming laptop needs particular criteria that usually lead to a rise in the weight of the laptop.

How to build a cheap gaming laptop? / How to build a gaming laptop for under 500?

Sometimes it will not satisfy your need to buy an assembled laptop. Not all the attributes you are searching for can usually be accessible on one machine, and the asking price can be extremely high. If you are willing to make some effort and build your own or get the hardware you want to ask the store to build it for you, you can avoid this. It’s a tricky but immensely satisfying task to create your own laptop.

To understand how to proceed, follow this guide.

  • Deciding what the primary objective of the laptop will be (gaming of course).
  • Pick a processor that satisfies your computer’s requirements.
  • Choose the case for your laptop, which will ascertain which parts for the rest of the laptop you can use.
  • Purchase your memory.
  • Select a hard drive.
  • Decide if a dedicated graphics card is needed.
  • Find an optical drive.
  • Select a battery.

Now, the best solution is to ask the store mechanic to build the laptop for you after selecting the hardware you require, paying a few bucks to the mechanic will certainly pay off.

What Is The Difference Between A Cheap Gaming Laptop And

A More Expensive One?

Although it may seem like a slight difference, the actual fact of the situation is rather distinct.

Modern video games demand more hardware resources in order to be able to best show their playful potential and enjoyment cannot always be found by many cheap laptops.

Usually, the differences lie in a faster hard disk, a more efficient video card, a better processor (may be updated), and a greater amount of available RAM.

All this in favor of the most expensive gaming laptop on which the most complex video games can surely be run.

You may have to be happy having fun with some not-so-recent games on a cheap gaming laptop.

That being said, this does not mean the new games, on all budget laptops do not function.

Our evaluation is for this purpose: to select the best products while lowering the cost.

Final Words:

Many gamers consider that building a gaming laptop is impossible, but it isn’t so because you need to spend money according to the features you want to see on your laptop. Building a gaming laptop is not time-wasting because customized gaming laptops obviously pay off the price. This article is about how much it costs to build a gaming laptop since look at the range of laptops you want and figure out the average cost.

In Conclusion:

Considered separately, these three elements do not provide great assurances that invite you to think about the correct choice and have very little meaning.

Instead, if they are working together to promote playability, they are crucial.

This means that it is important to evaluate at least these three parameters in synergy before selecting a model among the best cheap gaming laptops, without focusing on one in particular, but taking advantage of the possibilities offered jointly by them.

There might be another feature to consider if you want to be choosy, even if it is more typical for expensive gaming laptops, but for the cheaper ones, it’s still worth noting.

As stated, to play the hardware component must be important and performing, but the more it is, the more heat it develops.

The heat dissipation system that a gaming laptop should have to prevent overheating is therefore relevant.

If more sophisticated laptops also pay great attention to this variable, this latter aspect might be left in the background by the best cheap gaming laptops. We are pretty sure that your query How much does it cost to build a gaming laptop is addressed properly here.