Find out What kind of laptop do i have in 2022

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Often, we forget our laptop specifications and don’t even know how to figure them out. That’s why, in this article, you’re going to get extensive knowledge of your laptop inside.

Checking what kind of laptop you have can help you in many ways as a better knowledge of your laptop’s specs and models can open new ways for you.

  • This information will help you in comparing any older laptops with the latest or new ones that will help you to update and upgrade your laptop’s components.
  • It will help you compare your laptop’s specifications with any of your software’s specific requirements to see if your laptop can run it or not.

It’s always handy to know about the basic specs of your laptop including its model number and specifications, so you may not panic at the time of need because we often need to buy different input or external parts of our 400 dollar laptop or expensive one.

Therefore, this article will undergo a quick and useful guide to help you know the process to understand what kind of laptop is this and the specs details of your laptop.

Find the Model Number of your Laptop:

The model number of your high-end or laptops under 400 dollars helps you figure out your laptop’s specifications, so you could easily find your laptop’s components when needed. Figuring out the specification enables you to troubleshoot your laptops quickly and effortlessly.

Luckily, in many cases or almost with every laptop, it’s quite quick and easy to find.

The unchallenging and straightforward way to find the model number and brand is, flip your laptop upside-down. You will find the text pasted at the bottom, which is actually the model number along with the brand name of your laptop.

In a few laptops, both this information are written separately, and also, not all laptops have come with this written information anywhere on the bottom.

You can therefore use another way; a control panel.

Go to the control panel from your search bar that is usually located on the left lower side on the bottom of your screen. Then tap at the control panel, which appears after the research.

  • Find and go to the “System and Security.”
  • Select the “System” link provided here.

You can get all the details about your laptop/PC there. Almost every computer has laptops, model numbers, and brands listed here.

We have done with brand and model number, but if you are also looking forward to knowing about the CPU, GPU, or RAM of your computer, there are many other ways to get these specs.

Knowing about your CPU / how to check what kind of laptop you have

In window 10, it is effortless to find out what CPU you have.

  • Simply Right-click on the Windows button to view a list of options.
  • Click on “System.”
  • This would take you to the “about” page where “Device Specifications” can be found. The information related to the CPU of your laptop can be seen in the section named “processor.”

The “Device Specifications” page will also help you find out about your device’s RAM.

Knowing about the Motherboard

You don’t need to see the kind of motherboard your laptop owns, however,  there are simple steps to follow if you ever need it.

From “system information” into the search bar, you can easily find the motherboard. You can also find information about CPU and GPU from the “System Information.”

How can I tell what kind of laptop I have / how to know what kind of laptop you have

It is important to understand your computer’s hardware, not only for professional systems but also for standard home users. Above all, the reason why I want to emphasize the need for this information is that when buying an assembled or pre-assembled Laptop, we have to check immediately that the computer parts match up to those outlined on the invoice so that the shopkeeper or the smart computer chain is right away unmasked, changing new parts with old and worn ones.

Another essential issue to consider is the computer’s performance, to understand what you have and to be able to describe the hardware’s performance details to others, so that you can find the cause of the issue immediately on specialized forums, but also when we talk to technicians.

In this guide we will show you the best programs to study about the laptop hardware and the individual pieces of the Windows laptop, so you can get all the relevant data you need about how to verify exactly what sort of laptop you possess.

 How to see what kind of laptop I have and checking hardware

Luckily, we can use some very powerful and free programs that allow you to retrieve on the screen, data, and information about the motherboard, the CPU, i.e. the processor, the RAM memory capacity, network information, scheduled operations, software applications. Installed, disk capacity, and much more.

In the following paragraphs, we will also show you some specific programs for some hardware components, so that you can get some additional information.

Programs to identify the entire hardware

One of the simplest programs to use to identify computer hardware is Speccy, also available in a portable version.

We will get an overview of the key components of the laptop or computer by starting this program, with the possibility of obtaining detailed technical information using one of the menus on the left side. The is a free program.

Find out What kind of laptop do i have

SIW is another very useful program for the data collection on components.

With a good peripheral recognition database, SIW is a valid and free program, so you can also view new parts. Without any installation, users can run the program straight from a USB flash drive, CD, network drive, or portable hard drive.

SIW (System Information for Windows) scans your computer and reports all the information requested – very useful software, hardware, and network details can also be found, this sure help if someone looking for the best wifi laptop.

SIW is able to provide detailed and complete information about the current operating system, which programs have been installed, network information, directory system, asterisk hidden passwords, regional settings, loaded DLLs, drivers, temperature sensors, Ram, processors, motherboards, video, and audio cards, and much more.

A tool for testing the monitor and video display is also offered by this small program.

Find out What kind of laptop do i have

Another program that we can test to know the hardware of the PC is Open Hardware Monitor.

With it, we will be able to see all the computer parts flanked by graphs that show the sensor detections before, during, and after the use of the tool regarding the CPU temperatures, the processor power and load, the fan speed on the video card and much more.

Open Hardware Monitor is an open-source program whose development is continuous and is updated as new models and new hardware technologies come out. For example, it has all the latest information and supports the control and monitoring of Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 motherboards and CPUs, and Nvidia and ATI graphics cards.

If we are looking for a free portable program to analyze in detail the software, processes, and tasks active on our computer we can use PC Hunter.

This small tool displays all of the computer’s software data and each of its parts.

Running processes, startup services, log files, and so on can be viewed.

In order to keep things structured, the data of each of the system areas can be found under its respective tab.

Find out What kind of laptop do i have

We advise using the Win Audit program for more depth evaluation.

It offers a complete overview of your computer, showing you all the parts of the hardware present, passing through the software, operating system, and any system-connected peripherals.

Find out What kind of laptop do i have

Specific programs for CPU, RAM, and video card

We can use a very powerful program like CPU-Z if we want to know specifically which processor is installed, what type of motherboard is used, and what RAM we have.

Find out What kind of laptop do i have

We will be able to identify the processor with all the details in the different tabs of the program, discover the cache inside it, see which RAM memory slots are occupied, and discover the frequency and timing data of the RAM slots used so that we can upgrade the targeted and accurate memory.

To identify the model of video card present we can rely on GPU-Z.

What kind of laptop do i have

We will obtain valuable information on the graphics chip mounted on our video card by downloading this little tool, including the amount of video memory, the clock frequency, and support for the latest graphics technologies, so we know ahead of time if we can handle a new video game or whether we should upgrade.


Using one or more programs among those listed above we will be able to find out immediately if the seller is honest or has cheated us since the information recovered cannot be modified or altered in any way.

Bottom Line:

In this article, you will get all information about What kind of Laptop Do I Have because finding this information will help you a lot in different ways, like upgrading the parts or troubleshooting the components.

Undergo this guide, know about your laptop’s specs, and feel satisfied.